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Government Bulletin
National Day Holiday 2021 2021-09-27
Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 2021-09-18
Notice for people returning to Changzhou from Zhangjiajie, Hunan province 2021-07-30
Notice for people returning to Changzhou via Nanjing 2021-07-23
Dragon Boat Festival 2021 2021-06-07
May Day Holiday 2021 2021-04-29
Jiangsu rolls out Covid-19 vaccination for foreigners 2021-04-06
Qingming Festival Holiday 2021 2021-04-02
Winners of Changzhou Mayors Quality Award 2020 announced 2021-02-08
2021 Spring Festival holiday 2021-02-05
New rule for travelers coming or returning to Jiangsu 2021-01-20
New Years Day Holiday 2020-12-31
8 honored as national exemplary individuals 2020-12-01
RCEP FTA signed among 15 participating countries 2020-11-16
Chagnzhou Airport Winter Flight Schedule 2020 starts Oct 25 2020-10-23
National Day Holiday 2020 2020-09-25
New entry rules for foreigners 2020-09-24
Jiangsu-bound travelers entering China via Shanghai to be put under 3+11 health observation 2020-09-14
Visa Facilitation for Some Foreign Nationals with Valid Chinese Residence Permits 2020-08-14
24 Hour Hotline for Transfer of Jiangsu-bound Travelers Entering China via Shanghai 2020-08-03
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