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Latest News
Changzhou Foreign Affairs Office sends representatives to Jiangsu-Africa Cooperation Conference 2021-10-15
Over 3.88 million visits received in tourist attractions across Changzhou 2021-10-14
Changzhou sees steady growth in consumer spending during the Golden Week 2021-10-13
2021 China (Changzhou) International Forum on Science and Technology & Foreign Trade and Economic Co 2021-10-12
Sheng Lei meets with honorary citizens for 2021 2021-10-11
Changzhou rolls out more than 10,000 5G base stations 2021-10-09
Changzhou takes lead in Jiangsus best private enterprises 2021-10-08
Zenith Steel and Eastran Group ranked among China's top 500 private enterprises 2021-09-30
13th Changzhou Municipal Congress of CPC convenes 2021-09-29
Changzhous August exports exceed 20 billion yuan 2021-09-28
Changzhou's tourism sees recovery during Mid-Autumn Festival holiday 2021-09-27
Changzhou Xiangming meets eligibility requirements for IPO 2021-09-26
SID invests in Sino-Swiss (Changzhou) Innovation Park 2021-09-24
164 Changzhou athletes attend the 14th National Games 2021-09-23
Medical aid teams to Nanjing and Yangzhou return to Changzhou 2021-09-22
Changzhou launches city-wide public access defibrillation program 2021-09-18
Changzhou introduces teacher rotation system to ensure education equality 2021-09-17
Changzhou hosts Intelligent Manufacturing Conference 2021  2021-09-16
11 brands in Changzhou enters the provincial catalogue for agricultural products 2021-09-15
Xinbei District to build 6,000 talent apartments by the end of 2021 2021-09-14
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