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    English About Changzhou Mayor’s Mailbox Government Bulletin Latest News Laws and Regulations
    24 Hour Hotline for Transfer of Jiangsu-bound Travelers Entering China via Shanghai
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    According to the coordinated arrangements of the central leadership and in light of the requirements of the joint mechanism for foreign-related COVID-19 prevention and control in the Yangtze River Delta, Jiangsu-bound travelers who have entered China via airports in Shanghai will be transferred for quarantine and health observation starting from 00:00 on August 2.

    Jiangsu Provincial Government has published 24-hour hotline numbers to assist international travelers entering Shanghai who are bound for cities in Jiangsu as follows:

    Nanjing: 025-68787300 

    Wuxi: 19826370833 

    Xuzhou: 13813280124 

    Changzhou: 18915067806 

    Suzhou: 19951200747

    Nantong: 18851312588 

    Lianyungang: 18795503453 

    Huai’an: 18310796588 

    Yancheng: 13921801863 

    Yangzhou: 18662378980 

    Zhenjiang: 18306105113 

    Taizhou: 0523-86839292, 15951168878 

    Suqian: 15162919107

    Jiangsu Provincial Task Force: 18915991982

    Sponsored by: General Office and Foreign Affairs Office of Changzhou Municipal People’s Government
    All rights reserved.Jiangsu ICP Record No. 05003616
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