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Sheng Lei appointed as Acting Mayor of Changzhou
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On the afternoon of July 30, the Standing Committee of the 16th Changzhou Municipal People’s Congress convened its 35th Session. The meeting was moderated by Zhang Yaogang, deputy director of the Standing Committee. Thirty-eight delegates participated in the conference, including deputy directors Chen Jianguo, Sheng Jianliang, Jiang Ziping and Dai Shifu, Party leadership members Zhang Yi and Xu Xinmin, as well as Secretary General Gao Honghua. Also present were Chen Jinhu, party secretary of the CPC Changzhou Municipal Committee; Zhang Chunfu, director of the Municipal Supervisory Commission; Ma Rong, president of Intermediate People’s Court of Changzhou; Ge Zhijun, chief procurator of the Municipal Procuratorate and several representatives from the districts.

After review and deliberation, the delegates voted on the appointment of personnel. It was decided that Sheng Lei would be appointed as deputy and acting mayor of Changzhou; Li Wenhong the deputy and acting director of the Municipal Supervisory Commission. The newly appointed personnel took a constitutional oath.

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