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    Living history: Five places to visit for Youth Day
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    To commemorate the patriotic May Fourth Movement and strengthen young people's devotion to the homeland, Youth Day in China is celebrated every fourth day in May. As President Xi Jinping emphasized during his keynote speech at Peking University this Wednesday, young people today are meant to shoulder a great responsibility in building China's future and achieving national rejuvenation.

    This year, the meaningful date marks not only the beginning of the New Democratic Revolution in 1919, but falls before the bicentenary of the birth of Karl Marx, the prominent German thinker who deeply influenced the Communist Party of China.

    Diving into history can bring insight into the path ahead. On this special occasion, roaming around cultural places – the National Museum, Peking University, the New Culture Movement Memorial of Beijing and the former residence of Li Dazhao – and enjoy an inspirational weekend.

    1. Peking University

    May 4 holds a unique place in the history of Peking University. On May 4, 1912, the university changed to its current form from the Imperial University of Peking. And on the same day seven years later, Peking University students took the initiative in organizing the far-reaching May Fourth Movement. This year, the university is celebrating its 120th birthday.

    2. New Culture Movement Memorial of Beijing

    Located on May Fourth Avenue, the memorial site is the original campus of Peking University, also the birthplace of May Fourth Movement. After nearly a hundred years, visitors here can still learn about history, from the May Fourth Movement to the founding of the Communist Party of China.

    3. National Museum of China

    The Power of Truth: An Exhibition Marking the Bicentenary of the Birth of Karl Marxcommemorates this prominent philosopher through paintings. Gathering the works of many contemporary Chinese artists, this exhibition reflects the deep ties between Marxism and modern China. The exhibit runs from May 5 to Aug 5.

    4. National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature

    The New Cultural Movement and May Fourth Movement are closely connected in modern Chinese history. At the National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature, visitors are able to learn about literary evolution during that historical period and see full-size replicas of many renowned writers' studies.

    5. Former residence of Li Dazhao

    Li Dazhao is a leading figure in the New Culture Movement, which called for vernacular literature and up-to-date values. Li also cofounded the Communist Party of China with Chen Duxiu and other early party members in 1921. During the White Terror, he was arrested in a raid and killed on the orders of warlord Zhang Zuolin in 1927.

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