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Jiangsu rolls out Covid-19 vaccination for foreigners
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Foreign nationals in Jiangsu can make appointments for Covid-19 inoculation, starting today. As part of the move to bolster immunity against the virus across the board, foreigners in Jiangsu at or above age 18 are eligible for Covid-19 vaccines manufactured by China (already launched in the market), on an informed and voluntary basis with the risks undertaken by themselves. 

Appointments for inoculation can be made in the following three ways:

1. Submit vaccination requests to employers,which then make group appointments with the local health departments; 

2. Submit vaccination requests to local administration committees of residential communities (or villages), which then make group appointments with the local health departments; and

3. Make appointments individually at the local inoculation centers. 

Covid-19 inoculation is free of charge for foreign nationals covered by social medical insurance of Jiangsu. Those not covered are supposed to pay for the inoculations. Either a permanent residence card or a valid passport with valid residence permit shall be presented at the vaccination site. Before the administration of vaccines, documents including Informed Consent Form and Disclaimer of Liabilities need to be signed, proper health protocols need to be followed, and health conditions need to be honestly revealed to the health workers. Health professionals on-site determine each individual’s fitness for vaccination. Measures for monitoring and emergency treatment of and compensation for adverse side effects shall apply to foreigners as by local regulations and policies.

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