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Ten major programs kick off in Liyang
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On the morning of July 30, ten major programs, with a total investment of over 6.2 billion yuan, kicked off in the Economic Development Zone of Liyang. The programs cover a wide variety of sectors, ranging from key industries, livelihood projects to infrastructure.

Everwin Precision Technology (EWPT), has decided to base its East China program in the city. With an investment of 3.5 billion yuan, the company focuses on producing the components of lithium batteries that power electric vehicles. It is expected that after reaching the target output, the added output value will exceed 6 billion yuan annually, generating more than 300 million yuan of tax revenue. Chen Qixing, president of EWPT, says that the company will tap into the clusters of the battery industry in Liyang, introducing more programs in new energy to the city.

During the 14th Five Year Plan, Liyang aims to build two industrial clusters with global influence in automotive batteries and high-end stainless steel. It will also build two national-level clusters in smart grid and smart equipment.

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